The property in which the centre was held has been sold. If we re-open the centre, it will be housed in the adjoining property which we still own – an old French farmhouse dating from approximately 1650 – and we will at that time re-open this page for enquiries. Please do not contact us as the email address is not being monitored at the present time.


Le Marronnier Rose  is a creative centre, offering a tranquil and inspiring working environment for writers and artists. The beauty of the Dordogne countryside has been extolled by writers and painters throughout the ages. As a writer you will find here the peace and isolation you crave, and as an artist you will not be able to resist the pull of the scenery.

Creative Centre Le Marronnier Rose

Under the Chestnut Tree

Writers and Artists

The creative centre is set halfway down a hill, at the end of a narrow country lane. There is little traffic apart from the postman’s yellow van and the occasional tractor. Fields of sunflowers, winter wheat and maize surround the centre, and bosques of oak, sweet chestnut and hazel ring the fields. The wooded areas are home to roedeer, badgers and foxes.

As we provide full board and lodging, we look after everything in the background, leaving you free to devote all your creative energy to your work while you stay with us. Mealtimes are a chance to talk with like-minded people, exchange ideas, catch up on the latest in your field, while enjoying the excellence of our in-house French cuisine. As a break from creating, you can take a dip in the swimming pool, laze under a tree, or go for a walk and gaze out over the vistas that run all the way to the Atlantic coast. There are two bar/restaurants within ten to fifteen minutes’ walk, one at Bouteilles and one at Lusignac. During the summer season there are often live concerts at one or more of the nearby bars.

Creative Centre Le Marronnier Rose Pool

Pool from Studio Window


For those of you who have always wanted to keep bees and do not have the chance to do so where you live, you will find out how important the bees are to us here in the country. With a partner, you will care for a hive for the week you are here at our creative centre. As well as bees, the garden is always full of butterflies and birds.

Taste of France General Holidays

Anyone who just wants an all-in holiday without any pressure will find this a wonderful place to be. You do not have to be a writer or an artist to stay at our creative centre for a general French lifestyle based holiday. The Dordogne abounds in history from the cave paintings at Lascaux, on through the Middle Ages when this part of France, Aquitaine, belonged to the English crown, down to WWII when our area straddled the Vichy line.  We collect you from the airport, provide delicious meals and take you on an excursion every second day – that’s if you want to take part. No shopping for food, no cooking, no hassle – just sheer relaxation. See the dedicated page for all the places on option for accompanied visits.


Come and stay with us at our creative centre,

Join in with our other guests,

Have the holiday of a lifetime.


We are happy to host groups of up to six, if you would like to book a week for your group’s exclusive use at our creative centre.

Check out the dates and prices for our retreats and holidays.