Here is a little about us here at Le Marronnier Rose. We are a small family enterprise who are able to give you the feel of a family holiday whilst providing you with all you need to promote your creativity or your interest in this part of France. We have lived here for over thirty years and have takenĀ  Le Marronnier Rose from a deserted run-down set of farm buildings, surrounded by an area of rocks and nettles, to the beautiful place it is today. Felicity takes care of the business and accommodation end of things whilst her son, Hamish, is the chef. Hamish has a French wine merchant’s license. He is just the man to advise on wine and will be designing a Wine Holiday. This will be more expensive as noble wines will be served at all meals and there will be trips to the vineyards to the north of Bordeaux. Both of us speak French.

We have both travelled a fair bit and had several occupations before deciding that we wanted to set up a centre such as this. Felicity is a retired chartered accountant who now writes whenever she has a chance. Hamish is a member of the local shooting club (target not hunting). We are looking forward to your company and to the many pleasant meals we shall all share in our delightful garden.