You will note that some of the Writers’ Retreats, Painting, Beekeeping and Taste of France Holidays begin and end MIDWEEK to take account of the cheaper fares available midweek, and to allow our guests to enjoy the many local events which take place over the weekend: live music in the bars, the Friday morning market at Riberac and any special events, such as the Medieval Fete at Lusignac or the Snail Festival at Bertric Buree. If you want to attend any of these events, please choose a week starting on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

The weeks do not always start on the same weekday, and so please check carefully before booking.

During the 5-week High Season (last week in July and then August), weeks start on Saturday and there are no bridging days available.

There are two or three BRIDGING DAYS between the week long courses (with the exception of High Season). You may extend your stay to cover one or all of these days (for an additional cost). However, transport to the airport at Bergerac is available only on the start-day of the following course week. If you are making your own travel arrangements, you can leave on any of the bridging days.

Painting Dates

Painting Holiday Dates

Writers Dates

Writers’ Retreats Dates



IMPORTANT: It is difficult for us to estimate the demand for dates and themes. The following table gives the dates of the weeks available, but we have decided to set the theme of any week to that wanted by the first person to apply for that particular date.

You may apply for any week and state the theme you would like (with the exception of the Beekeeping weeks which are fixed). We will then fix that week’s theme. So if you would like to attend a Writers’ Retreat, just let us know which dates, and we will make that week a Writers’ Retreat. Similarly for Painting Holidays and Taste of France Holidays.

Once the theme is fixed it will turn GREEN. With the exception of a Writers’ Retreat week, you may still apply to join a themed week on the proviso that the week’s emphasis will be on the stated theme. We are keeping the Writers’ Retreat weeks exclusive to ensure the peace and quiet required by writers.

    If there is a GREEN tick in the row, it means the theme for the week has been set by the first person to request it. (Unless it is set for a Writers’ Retreat week, you may still come for that week as long as you understand that the emphasis for the week will be on the set theme.)

    If there is no GREEN tick, it means either that the theme has not been set yet, in which case you may choose the theme, or you may attend at this time but the main emphasis will be on the week’s theme and any arrangements will be geared round the theme. If you are happy to laze by the pool, go for walks or visit the local bars/restaurants on foot, or if you have your own transport, then these weeks will be fine for you.




Dates 7 Nights incls. Writers’ Retreats Painting Holidays Beekeeping Taste of France Places Available
Tues 14 April – Tues 21 April – 7 nights 6
Thurs 23 April – Sat 30 April – 7 nights 6
Sat  2 May – Sat 9 May – 7 nights 6
Mon 11 May – Mon 18 May – 7 nights 6
Weds 20 May – Weds 27 May – 7 nights 6
Fri  29 May – Fri 5 June – 7 nights 6
Sun 7 June – Sun 14 June – 7 nights 6
Tues 16 June – Tues 23 Jun – 7 nights 6
Thurs 25 June – Thurs 2 July – 7 nights 6
Sat 4 July – Sat 11 July – 7 nights 6
Mon 13 July – Mon 20 July – 7nights icon_r27_c3 6
Weds 22 July – Weds 29 July – 7 nights icon_r27_c3 6
Sat 1 August – Sat 8 August – 7 nights 6
Sat 8 August – Sat 15 August – 7 nights 6
Sat 15 August – Sat 22 August – 7 nights 6
Sat 22 August – Sat 29 August – 7 nights 6
Mon  31 August –  Mon 7 Sept     6
Wed 9 Sept – Wed 16 Sept 6
Fri  18 Sept – Fri 25 Sept 6
Mon 28 Sept – Mon 5 Oct 6

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