Address Le Marronnier Rose, Grange Neuve, 24320 Bouteilles-St.Sebastien, France


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EASIEST ACCESS:   From the UK, the easiest way to reach us is to fly Ryanair to Bergerac Airport from Stansted. We will pick you up at Bergerac Airport. There is a charge of Euros 100 for collection and delivery for this service. Please see below.
NEAREST AIRPORT:   Bergerac Airport – 73.3 km (45.5 miles) – 1hr 16mins
This airport is serviced by Ryanair and there is a flight in and out from Stansted Airport in the UK every day. If seats are booked early, the fares are inexpensive, but they climb in price as the date of the flight approaches. Be aware that you have to pay for hand luggage on this airline. We will collect you from and deliver you to this airport only on the scheduled arrival and departure dates for the week/s you choose. There is a charge of Euros 100 for the round-trip. A single journey taxi to or from this airport will cost about Euros 120 per vehicle.
OTHER AIRPORTS:   Ryanair also flies to Limoges Airport. From there you can take a taxi to the railway station and then a train to Angouleme, followed by a taxi to us. Approximate cost is Euros 130 to 150 one way. This isn’t a difficult route but it is relatively expensive if you have to hire a taxi from the station. Bordeaux Airport is serviced by several airlines. If you have air miles to spare, this can be a cheap alternative. From the airport you take the airport bus to the railway station and then a train to Montmoreau. If you choose to do this, please let us know so that we can arrange a taxi for you (at your cost) at Montmoreau as it is a small country station.

RAILWAY STATIONS:   Angouleme is the TGV station for trains from Paris Montparnasse or for trains from the UK via Lille. The journey from Paris takes about 2 hours 40 minutes. From Angouleme you will have to take a taxi down to us, a cost of about Euros 120 one way. Perigueux may be the right station for you if you are elsewhere in France. There are trains from Paris Montparnasse to Perigueux but the journey is much longer – 4 hours 40 minutes. Here is the link for SNCF.

Other useful rail links: RailEurope Deutschebahn Thalys

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FERRIES:   If you are travelling down with your own transport, here is the link to an agency which outlines the different routes. Dunkerque and Calais are the cheapest ports to cross to in France. St Malo and Caen have the shortest travel time down to us. Work out your own trade-off between cost and time. Approximate mileages and times from the different ferry ports are: Boulogne 467 mls – 7hrs 16mins; Caen 323 mls – 5hrs 11 mins; Calais 486 mls – 7hrs 33 mins; Cherbourg 400 mls – 6hrs 20mins; Dieppe 392 mls – 6hrs 11 mins; Dunkerque 495 mls – 7hrs 48 mins; Le Havre 374 mls – 5hrs 51mins; St Malo 316 mls – 5hrs 24 mins.

INSURANCE:   You are advised to take out travel and cancellation insurance to cover your being unfit to travel, missed flights (whatever the cause), or change of mind. We do not issue refunds.  Please make sure you have health insurance or, if an EU citizen, ensure that your international health card is valid.

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