What do writers want most in the world?

To know that their readers love their work?

To write a bestseller?

To be a financial success?

As a writer myself, I know we all want all of that, but our primary need is for the time to write and the peace to find inspiration.


writers Inspiration

Finding Inspiration

At  Le Marronnier Rose  you are stressfree. Everything is done for you. All you have to do is write – and make your bed. We collect you from and deliver you to Bergerac Airport, do all the shopping, present freshly cooked dishes for your dinner from our chef’s repertoire of French cuisine. As the chef says, our motto should be: “You write, we cook.”

On three afternoons a week you have the chance to take an outing to an old chateau, a picturesque French town or the largest monolithic church in Europe. You don’t have to drive or find the way. You don’t even have to come, if you would prefer to write or take time out in our pool.

As for inspiration, the beauty of the surrounding countryside makes you forget the everyday hassle. How can a writer fail to be uplifted when the morning starts with the roo-roo-cooing of black-collared turtle doves, their lovecalls giving way to the buzzing of honey bees as the heat of the day warms the air, and the butterflies take to the wing. As you tread the lanes around our centre, you feel a renewed connection to the life force of our planet. It nourishes your soul and your imagination, filling you up with a creative energy you never dreamed of harnessing.

Writers in Nature

Enjoying Nature

At lunch and dinner you meet with your fellow-writers. They help with any technical or creative problems you might have. You are stimulated by the ideas and concepts that are tossed about and exchanged. Discussion builds. Yes, it’s lively, but you are relaxed and at peace because you are amongst other writers and they understand what drives you. 

Writers’ Quiet Hours

You find the Quiet Hours give you the periods of deep concentration you need to progress with your current work. Each writer has a desk in the Writing Room and the combined power of all that creation has a synergystic effect upon the group.


Writers’ Evening Group

Every evening at 5 p.m. we meet under the Chestnut Tree for an optional group session. Each participant has the chance to read a piece to the group and ask for comment on a particular aspect of the work, or for a general critique. The group dons its readers’ hats, putting themselves in the place of your prospective audience. Your piece can be anything from a couple of paragraphs to about 1,500 to 2,000 words. Having read your work, you sit quietly while the rest of the group discusses the piece. When time is called, the facilitator asks if you would like to respond or explore the comments made. Many writers find this a helpful exercise, being surprised by the positive feedback they receive, and helped by the suggestions made by the group. (If you haven’t reached the stage at which you feel comfortable about sharing your work in this way, you may attend as a reader without offering any of your own work.)

Writers during Quiet Time

Quiet Time

The session is followed by aperitifs and dinner on the terrace.

Writers’ Consultation

Each writer is offered an hour’s private consultation during the week to discuss any creative or technical problems he or she may be experiencing, including anything related to the many skills required by self-publishing.



You leave knowing

you have spent a productive few days,

and refilled the fountain of your creative spirit.

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